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JP has been a trusted adviser for business owners and their families for over nineteen years.  During this time, he has worked with hundreds of clients, many of whom have created vast wealth by selling their business.  By employing the principles we teach at The Millionaire’s Lawyer and working with our team you will learn how to take your business to the highest levels.

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The Millionaire’s Lawyer


The Millionaire’s Lawyer


The Millionaire’s Lawyer

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For advice feel free to consult with one of our team members from our US office Headquarters in Orlando, Florida and our Canadian office headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario.  With over 64 years of combined legal, business and consulting experience, we have a team member that will understand and guide you in a way that benefits you, your business and your family.  




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"JP has helped me grow my business in ways I never could have imagined."


Sarah Meharg
Dr. Sarah Meharg, President, PCP Canada Inc.

"JP is my secret weapon for all things legal and business related."


Trefor Munn-Venn, CEO, Rhapsody Strategies Inc.

"There is no better way to take your business to the next level."


Nathan Richer, CEO, Fable and Method Inc.


We have worked with business owners throughout the world…helping them start, grow and sell their businesses.  To learn more lawyer proven strategies for growing and selling your business feel free to check out the wealth of materials that we have to offer.

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The Podcast features leading experts from legal, business and accounting. Listen to learn more about what makes for business success from those who have done it before.  As a lawyer and the Managing Partner of Conduct Law, a business law firm with clients throughout the US, Canada and Asia, JP has been assisting clients sell their businesses for millions of dollars for more than fifteen years.  To lean more about how to increase the value of your own business, listen and subscribe to the show for all the latest episodes.

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