Essential question for business owners who want to know a predictable way to greater success:

If there was a lawyer proven METHOD to grow your business and prepare it for sale…market it to prospective buyers …maximize its return… and create independent wealth for YOU and YOUR family…
and, it was fully guaranteed that this METHOD would work for YOU…

Would you be willing to say YES to this proven process to help prepare your business for a sale that will allow you to realize the return you rightfully deserve?”

Now, you can structure, grow, and sell your business with the advanced business and legal strategies and tactics that I’ve perfected “behind closed doors” for the past 20 years…


These are the expert methods lawyers, accountants and highly paid advisors use to grow their  client’s businesses — and their bottom lines — predictably, safely, and profitably.

Best of all, these methods are readily available and foolproof once implemented. 

What we’re talking about is a lawyer proven process for structuring your business for predictable success…


having MORE meaningful engagement from prospective buyers…

and, generating an increased return on the sale of your business.

If this sounds appealing, then please pay close attention to what I’m about to share.

Before I tell you all about it, I want to make sure you understand how I know what I’m talking about here as I’ve seen it hundreds of times before. 


Let me introduce myself if we’ve never met before.

My name is JP McAvoy. I’ve been a corporate lawyer for more than 15 years and have helped hundreds of clients sell their businesses for hundreds of millions of dollars.  

I wrote a #1 International bestselling book. I host a top-rated podcast, The Millionaire’s Lawyer. 

Nothing has helped my clients more than structuring their business for success and then planning their exit in a strategic way that maximizes their return.

What do I know from working with all of these successful business owners? 

Planning for the sale of your business guarantees a better return.

When business owners take advantage of lawyer-proven strategies, this happens:


Like Nathan, who grew and sold his business within six months of beginning to work with JP. 

Like Sarah, who’s growing her family’s business with the same principles advanced as The Millionaire’s Lawyer.

Like Trefor, who has called JP the secret weapon for his business success.

Like Dr. Bill, who’s building a new business and will sell it with The Millionaire’s Lawyer. 

If you’re ready to join an elite group of business owners and put yourself on the path for sales success…

Here’s how you’ll get you there:


Grow And Sell Your Business

The first and only comprehensive online training program engineered to get your business in shape and ready for premium status… and the ability to convert that status into cold, hard cash when you sell your business!

Grow And Sell Your Business turns you into your own business guru, creating opportunities which catapult you and your business to the next level. 

Now, it won’t teach you how to become a millionaire overnight, although it will put you on the path.

I’ve invested the last 20+ years working in the trenches and have literally moved millions of dollars over these years to determine what works.

The result?

A proven program which has been battle tested and optimized by hundreds of clients… from every conceivable area or niche — manufacturing, technology, health, nutrition, healing, pets, education… and many more.

It’s your “excuse me” shortcut to the front of the line, steering away from all of the “grind ‘til you have no life” brain damage advice.


Here’s How it All Breaks Down:


Feeling alone and maybe a bit unsure how to implement everything you’re about to learn?

Want to have a helpful, guiding hand to help you past the roadblocks on the path to growing your business?

I’m here for you.

Yup. You get to be mentored by ME personally. This is where the magic happens:

3 Deep-dive sessions where I bust through your challenges and help guide you to become more confident and successful.

* Q&A sessions to get on-the-spot insights and customized solutions tailored for your business.

* Challenges and check-ins to keep you on track and accountable.

* Behind the curtain systems and strategies I personally use to run my 7-figure business.

You’ll hear me deconstruct different businesses and how to improve their business models and implement systems to maximize return.

And you have a front row seat to each and every one of these calls.

Imagine how much time, trial and error it will save you by having a mentor who’s been there and done that… one who has a proven, repeatable process laid out from A-Z.


The GROW AND SELL YOUR BUSINESS system includes a thriving support community. In it you can hop on in-between sessions and connect with others in our group. Post questions. Find referrals for your business.  Even find employees or independent contractors, share resources and much more.

Imagine being surrounded by people who want you to succeed, who are there to cheer you on, and who are eager to share what’s working for them. Plus, I constantly check in on the group and provide feedback and guidance, as needed.

People ask me all the time if they can join this group and I tell them that the only way in is to be a client of mine. Since you’ll be a client, you get access to a 24/7 community forum for free.


(VALUE: $1,497!)


This is a full fledged, incredibly comprehensive, set of documents which shows you exactly how to create… grow… and monetize your own thriving business.

We have left NO stone unturned in this first-class, easy-to-understand (and implement!) program. Literally, EVERYTHING you need is here…

From inception to exit, creating a culture for success in your market (and other markets when possible) and cultivating a loyal following…Grow And Sell Your Business is the ONLY course you’ll ever need to start, launch and monetize your business!


Now, I could stop right here and the investment for enrolling in Grow and Sell Your Business would still be an incredible deal and just a fraction of the total value of what you’ll receive.

However, because I want to make this a super easy YES for you, when you enroll today we’re also going to include:

Professionally Designed Listing Sheet

(VALUE: $1,000!)

To list your business, you’ll need a professionally designed listing package that includes a Listing Sheet.

Have a professionally created Listing Sheet allows you to see what your future will look like.  My team will help create a detailed, beautiful listing sheet that will contain the information buyers are looking for when prospecting a business. Seeing your listing will help you see what you need to do to prepare your business for sale. 

No need to try and hunt down a designer. We’ve created one that we’ll customize for you with your info. Now, if you went out and hired a designer to do this, you’d easily invest $1,000 or more. When you enroll in Grow And Sell Your Business, you get your listing sheet done for FREE.

Premium Listing on Millionaire’s Lawyer Business Watchlist

(VALUE $1,000!) 

The Millionaire’s Lawyer Business Watchlist is the place more and more prospective buyers are going to when they are looking for businesses to purchase.

This is the perfect place to be to start your Grow And Sell Your Business journey. You’ll be able to set up your professional profile and have a lifetime listing on this growing platform. This is easily worth $1,000. When you enroll in Grow And Sell Your Business, you get it FREE.


With everything we’ve included so far, you could see why this would be a great deal at three or, even, four thousand dollars. But… your investment today won’t be anywhere near that amount and it’s about to get a whole lot better!

For my entire career, I’ve taken great pride in being decisive and taking action. So, if you’re like me and when you see what you want, you move forward, I want to reward you for doing so by kicking in two HUGE bonuses if you enroll today.



(VALUE: $5,000!)

If you’re one of the first 50 to enroll in Grow Ande Sell, you’ll also receive a 30-minute consult with me!

If you hit a barrier you don’t know how to overcome, I’ll personally mentor you through the challenge. If you need advice on how to apply one of the strategies you’ll learn in the course for your business, I’m here for you.

You’ll see that 20 minutes with me is comparable to a full day with other coaches. In less than half an hour, I will answer your most burning questions or help you lay out a powerful plan of action for getting to where you want to go — using the path of least resistance.

Nowadays, I am rarely available and people pay tens of thousands of dollars to join me. When you enroll in Grow And Sell, you get my expertise for FREE if you are one of the first 50 people to join.

So, let’s do a quick recap of everything you’ll receive when you enroll in Grow And Sell Your Business today.

9 CORE training lessons (Value $1,997)

3 LIVE Group Training Sessions Led By Me (Value $6,000!)

Professionally Designed Listing Sheet (Value $1000)

Lifetime access to our private Facebook community (Priceless)

The Millionaire’s Lawyer Premium Business Listing (Value $297)

Grow And Sell Your Business Training Materials (Value $5,500)

FIRST 50 ONLY — 30-Minute 1:1 Consult With Me (Value $1,000!)


When you add it all up, that’s a total REAL world
value of $15,794!!

I’m super excited to help you achieve the visibility, revenue and life you absolutely deserve. So, to make this as easy as possible for you to say YES and join us, today, you can enroll in Grow And Sell Your Business for just…


I’m just starting out and my business fairly "new" and a long way from being offered for sale. Why would I want to take the course now?

Most people mistakenly think that they can complete the structure of their business at the time they are selling.  The reality is that a business should be properly structured at least two years prior to its sale in order to maximize access to capital gains exemptions.  If you want your business structured for maximize success…the sooner you get to it the better you will be off in the long run. 

Can’t I just hire a lawyer or do my own research and structure my business myself?

The short answer is YES. Of course you can. I know lots of good lawyers and am happy to recommend several that you can work with. However, even the LEAST expensive lawyer will cost you THOUSANDS of dollars… far more than the Grow And Sell Your Business training… and hiring a lawyer won’t include ANY of the bonuses I am offering including all of the course materials, live training opportunities and listing your business on our businesses to watch list, and much more.

And, yes, you can certainly try to do the research to learn how to do it yourself.  However, why try to do this on your own and save a few dollars when I will teach you what is needed and give you the comfort in knowing it is done right?!

How do I know if my business will be attractive to a prospective buyer?

This is one of the topics I cover early on in the training. I’ll make sure you have a compelling business that will be attractive to prospective buyers.  There are proven methods for increasing the value of your business.  Plus, you can get further help through the TML community, my open office hours sessions and the training sessions I conduct from time to time as a bonus to participants. 

I’m not very technical. Can I do this?

Yes! The great thing about the course is that we’ve done all of the heavy lifting which means that you get to work with professionals who have done all of the heavy lifting.  You just have to show up and go through each of the modules which will help you become the engine that runs your business to the level of success you wish to achieve.  

Do I need a sophisticated or expensive reorganization to make this work?

No. I recommend investing in a suitable structure for your business, but you don’t need an elaborate structure to get started.  If it is determined later on that you need to do something a little more sophisticated you business can be reorganized at that time. 

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes. If, after you’ve completed ALL of the training sessions, experienced ALL of the training modules, taken advantage of the bonuses you’ll receive and not learned how to take your business to the next level, simply contact us within 30 days of accessing our course and we’ll offer you a full refund. 

You risk nothing by clicking that button and checking things out now. You’ll be taken to a secure registration page where you’ll submit your details and payment information and you’ll receive immediate access to  Module #1 of the training as well as our first bonuses.

You literally have nothing to lose AND everything to gain.  We look forward to seeing you in the program and working with you to take your business to the next level!


One person has the power to change the trajectory of your business, impact the lives of all those around you and leave a legacy for lifetimes to come.

That person is… you!

I look forward to helping you share your mission and message with the world, secure the success you absolutely deserve and get paid extraordinarily well for what puts fire in your soul.

I hope you choose to join us. Register now. I’ll see you on the inside.



JP McAvoy, Esq.


P.S. Grow And Sell Your Business is only open for registration to new students ONCE per year. Don’t wait another year to secure the visibility you rightfully deserve and monetize your expertise. I look forward to serving you.