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Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Adam Lewis Walker discuss:

Adam Lewis is a fellow Icon of Influence at the New Media Summit, as well as an author, TEDx Speaker, and the host of Awaken Your Alpha podcast.

TEDx is a completely different stage than most others
  • Shows qualification, if you’re a TEDx speaker it proves that you have dedicated a portion of your life to that certain topic someone is looking for.
  • The impact it can have if used and marketed properly is massive.
  • Allows you to be known in the industry and makes your name more prominent.
  • Adam Lewis Walker has a way to give you tips and tricks to land your big moment
  • Make the most of the opportunity

When the mission is cloudy it makes it hard for anyone to follow and makes it lose its power.

How does Adam Lewis Walker teach people to focus on their Alpha?
  • 32 Action Steps in his book
  • To summarize the top ones:
    • What do you NOT like? What do you not enjoy doing?
    • Do not just look at the Big Vision
      • Break it down, do everything step by step.
    • Try not to compare yourself to someone else’s highlight reel
    • Think of what is your ideal day? and why are you not currently doing that?
  • Act daily.
Some daily habits  that Adam would recommend:
  • Have a morning routine and make that routine unique to you
    • Be consistent. Daily.
    • Wake yourself up earlier to do something for you, like mindfulness and quiet time.
  • Reflect on your day. Did you miss something? Try not to miss it tomorrow or the next day. Don’t allow 1 to become 3.
  • Recognize why things may get cloudy
The 3 A’s that Adam likes to live by!
  1. Awaken – Know where you would like to go
  2. Action – Take action and move forward
  3. Accention – rise, and as you rise acknowledge that you are changing and your “where” may have changed.

Robert Green – Author of Laws of Human Nature, gives Adam Lewis Walker a lot of inspiration. He has also has given Adam a review of his book that is going to now be on the book!

The next book that Adam Lewis Walker is going to be coming out with is going to be in regards to FEAR.

Some of the things that prevent us from moving forward are fear, and Adam felt like that was something he should dig into.

One of the top things that prevent us from moving forward is OURSELF. How can we try to make others have our back when we do not even have our own?  It is key to keep putting your best foot forward.

Adam Lewis Walker has found a common theme among successful people. It is how they all view failure.
  • They do not take failure personally
  • Do not dwell on it
  • Gather data from the failure to adjust and better themselves.

“Pulled by inspiration, pushed by desperation” – Adam Lewis Walker

Pay attention to what fires you up

Have a HUNTERS mindset, get out there and go for it! Put yourself out there.

You are never going to be “ready”, adjust your mindset to get out there and do it!

Hold people and yourself accountable, take the proper steps to further yourself.

You are not your job, focus on your character. Do respect yourself at the end of the day when you look in the mirror? Accountability is HUGE.  

Intentional Imbalance
  • You can always be doing something
  • Can’t just focus on goals. have to adapt and acknowledge that other things need attention as well to move forward.

You have to do all of the steps, there is no fast track. It will help you value it more once you have reached the top

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Adam Lewis Walker:

  • The meaning of Awaken Your Alpha is to achieve the highest rank in areas of your life that you enjoy and shine bright like a star!
  • Don’t shine to overshadow others, use it to project your passion and what you are working towards.
  • Try your best to not follow society’s view of success.

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