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Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Brett Trembly discuss:

What is happening right now in regards to COVID-19 is hard for a lot of business owners to accept.

It is not only hard to accept, but it is hard to process as they are already struggling and just want things to get back to normal.

The Range of Businesses being affected:
  • 40% are down in Miami
  • Travel, Events, and Ticket corporations are being hit the hardest right now
  • Restaurants did take a hit, but they are able to operate as Take Out Services so are still profitable.

There was a line of work that was completely unexpected for the Law Firms and many new issues that have no case law.

Case Law takes a very long time to come to fruition.

Make sure you have an excellent advisory team:
  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Business coach

Do not be afraid to hire someone, even if it is a part-time employee.

That part-time employee can be virtual, do not be afraid to hire someone virtually for cheaper

COVID-19 has increased online companies by 10-fold.

So many of the things we do can be delegated.

“Danger Zones”
  • Profit First
  • Outside contracts
  • Employment
  • Compliance
  • Intellectual Property.

Protect your business, it is all an asset.

It is easy to start a business nowadays, but it is hard to grow and maintain a business.

Get a business coach and read some business books.

Do not worry about what others may think if you fail, they are not thinking of you as much as you think, that is just your ego talking.

It is okay to have the virtual assistants, it also helps save you on the overhead of the office space.

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Brett Trembly:

  • Do not be afraid to hire someone; you should be delegating a lot of the work you do.
  • COVID-19 has greatly impacted Online and Virtual Businesses in a positive way, but businesses that are based on Travel, Events, and tickets have had a huge negative impact.
  • Have a good advisory team.

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