Cheryl Hodgson- Brand Aide Empire!

Quick Show Notes

In this episode JP and Cheryl Hodgson discuss:

  • Why you are unable to register a lot of things

  • Trademark continuum

  • Arbitrary Marks

  • Being Strategic

  • Trademarks are ASSETS to your company

  • Knowing that you need to protect your name, brand, and intellectual property because this is where the value lies, not in the inventory.

  • Make a plan, and create a dream team of coworkers, and lawyers in the jurisdictions you would like to register.

  • Start small and create a budget

  • Having a yearly budget for developing Intellectual Property and protecting it.

  • Intent to Use

  • Trademark use must be distinctive

  • Trademarks were originally meant to protect the CONSUMERS! It was to prove consistency, and know what they were dealing with.

  • Related Goods – Why Peanut Butter and Jelly, or Vodka and Orange Juice are not allowed to look similar

  • Watch the Market Place!

  • Select, Secure, Sustain

  • 10 year renewals!!

  • You need to Trademark something continuous, not a book, but a podcast like this one!!!

  • HAVE GUIDELINES FOR LICENSING!!! Talk with either party below for legal aid.

Key Takeaways:

  • Counseling before filing your Trademark is essential
  • Invest in your Trademark
  • Your Intellectual Property is the majority of your worth, not the inventory.
  • Mindset is the most common obstacle
  • Altoids Trademark is one of the oldest!