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Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Colin Browning discuss:

Backing things up on to a USB every so often is a great idea

Major technological failings in corporations are:

  • Have never invested in anything technological
  • Are unaware of who has access to what digital asset
  • Understanding what a back up is, and how important they are
  • Having a technology Disaster Recovery plan should be essential to every company.

Monstrous task to get everything back if you don’t have things backed up; with a chance of losing everything.

Threats are not as imminent as the marketing makes you feel; you’re not that interesting to hackers yet.

Hackers are generally going for resources

Best advice for preventative measures:
  • Be as secure as you can afford
  • Invest in user training
  • Online password managers

Sandra Estoks Episode – If you would like to check out what JP is referencing!

“Hijacked” – Actively locked down
  • Make sure you have adequate documentation
  • Modern Firewall
    • Modern viruses are not fight-able, have a back up so that if you get any you can reset everything and back up.
Future of tech businesses post COVID-19
  • A lot of people will have learned more about technology and how to use it
  • People will realise that AI will one day be able to replace their job
  • Quite far ahead
  • Giving power over to AI would allow us to do more of what we want
  • “AI Collective”
  • More good is created then negative

Kids and tech is like gambling

The Internet here in Canada sucks due to us being the second-largest landmass.

Principals to Launch a Business:
  1. Persistence
  2. Know what you are good at
  3. Don’t go big, borrow if you don’t have to, or lose sight of your goal
  4. Take a step back if needed
Learning lessons for past failures:
  • Hire out people who are better than you at your weaknesses
  • Communicate to your peers
  • Reflect on both the positive and the negative; it will allow you to grow and develop both as a person and a business owner

Learn to relax

Cut out the negative

Personal development is huge

Be aware of where things are coming from –  a positive or negative source

80/20 Rule

80% noisy clients, take up a lot of your time, 20% quite customers that can at least make your baseline

Be persistent

Do the obvious

Hire out

Find time for yourself.

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Colin Browning:

  • Back-up your driver’s
  • System reports “Failed Back-Up” even if it was just 1 (one) file
  • Be aware of who has access to what accounts and what knowledge

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