Diane Forster – Today Is Your Day

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Diane Forster discuss:

Why Diane Forster thinks you should evaluate your life and see where you would like to be after COVID-19 and everything that this pandemic has shown you.

The pandemic is keeping everyone inside and is allowing you to see how you can be innovative

Surprisingly enough there are 1.1 BILLION new search terms and word combinations in Google daily.

Pivot to what is next

Journaling and collaboration with others is a great way to have some introspection.

Be able to adapt quickly, it will keep you on top and that is a great asset with all the competition out there

There are no wasted moments; everything has a purpose or a lesson

Three-step (3) process:
  1. Love it – Love your life, even on the days it is hard to
  2. Thank it – Live with gratitude, there is so much to be thankful for; even the small things!
  3. Bring it – How you feel, live, love, move in motion. If you bring it to the world, you will get that back

Schedule some time each day or week to have some time to work towards your years’ goal.

Hire the right people, make sure they fit in your business. Not everyone is for every position.

Protect your product, hire the experts who can help you; and set some time aside to police it.

People will do more of what they value, and will support others who are like-minded

Society is more fore less waste and more intention behind what we do. People are starting to care more

Definition of currency is changing – More authentic and real businesses and products will rise to the top

Serve in an intentional way, people will take note

Do not put pressure on yourself

Write down your dreams; even if you do not know how to get there it will help manifest

“I HAVE TODAY” – Wake up and makes you think of what you want to do without pushing it off.


Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Diane Forster:
  • Living intentionally; and why Diane Forster thinks it is really important.
  • Why you should sometimes be introspective.
  • Since you are stuck inside, look inside (yourself and your business)!
  • There is immense value in the Name and the Brand.
  • Mindset work is key.
  • Subconscious runs the show.

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