Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos – Award Winning Agent

Quick Show Notes

In this episode JP and Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos discuss:

  • Why advertising is not necessarily the best place to put your money
  • Why you should make it part of your job to find the clients
  • Refining and Tweaking
  • Reinvesting in the team
  • “If your not uncomfortable, you are not growing” – DK
  • Setting goals as a team and supporting everyone achieve them and celebrate them when they do.
  • Importance of Accountability
  • Why Role Playing situations as a Manager or Boss is very helpful to do with your teammate when they are having an issue.
  • Mind set is KEY
  • Relentless Book
  • Do not loose your enthusiasm, and if it starts to fade do something to bring it back.
  • People want to work with someone who radiates excitement and motivation about the task at hand
  • Mornings are Critical and avoiding negativity during that time impacts your whole day.
  • Surround yourself with like minded motivated people
  • “If you are the smartest in the room, you are in the wrong room” – DK
  • Know who you are, play on your strengths and aid your weaknesses.
  • People feel a lot more open to sharing once there is no ego in the room and when they are talking about a different market place.
  • Find people who will take all the ingredients you bring the the table and make something great with it!


    Things accumulate. Constantly upgrade things cause when you look back at all the small changes you have made you will be shocked at the accumulation and what had all changed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Invest in yourself and your team.
  • Eliminate the options
  • Make it your job to find the clients
  • Having Accountability makes you plan goals and helps assist in forcing you to achieve them.
  • High rejection means that you are going to find the RIGHT type of clientele.
  • Your clients are walking billboards, do not feel shameful for asking them to refer you, they generally are proud and excited to do so if they’ve had a great experience.
  • Give back to who supports you, it pays off in the long run.

Connect with Dimitrios Kalogeropoulos:

Phone: 613 883 5555
Email: DK@AgentDK.com