Dr. Sheri Prentiss – Doctor with Many Hats!

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Sheri Prentiss discuss:

Sheri is hopeful that COVID stays stagnant

Her predictions for when the Second Wave may arise:

  • Next surge of viruses
  • Flu season (Fall)
  1. Careful with Physical Distance; respect it
  2. Take responsibility for yourself – wear your mask and stand in the spots the indicated

Hopefully, since we have a good idea of how to handle this COVID-19 Pandemic, the next wave will be easier for the public and healthcare professionals to handle.

Suggestions to keep your sanity:
  • Appreciate the fact the virus isn’t standing right at your front door
  • Masks are to protect OTHERS, don’t be selfish and make sure to cover both your mouth and your nose
  • Do all your precautions – Wear a mask, wash your hands, stand where indicated
  • Don’t be fearful or afraid, it will do more damage to your mental health if you do!

Sheri went through some major life changes forcing her to find a different career. She noticed she loved finding the “toxin” within workplaces and became an Occupational and Environmental therapist!

Never be afraid to increase your knowledge and experiences

Be okay with saying “No, I am not okay”

Sheri noticed that moving forward without acknowledging she wasn’t okay didn’t allow her to grieve and she made decisions based off that

She found it really important to:
  • Acknowledge it to yourself and to others
  • Learn to cope
  • Verbalize what you need
  • Accept what others are willing to do for you, do not have expectations; be thankful for what they are willing to do, and are able to do – you don’t know where they are at mentally either

You will find truer relations once you have open communication with someone

LIVE. Love your self and others, enjoy your life!

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Sheri Prentiss:

  • Whatever obstacle is thrown your way, you can adapt and still be okay!
  • Being prepared for the next wave of COVID is essential, and will make it a lot less traumatic.
  • Making money doesn’t just come from what you do for a living, Sheri was a doctor and didn’t find the finances until she wore multiple hats!

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