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In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Greg Elfrink discuss:

Amazon FBA

Affiliate Websites are websites that drive traffic to your site, taking a small commission on those sales for coordinating the transaction.

What does Greg say it takes to be successful online?
  • Varies on skill level and budget towards online marketing
  • Be persistent
  • Wait for the delayed gratification

Experience allows you to fine-tune the formula for your success; serial entrepreneurs have a formula figured out more so than recent graduates

If you are more into Marketing, you should look into Dropshipping

Critical points of failure are something you should look into as a business owner. If Facebook ads go down, can your business keep moving forward?

Before you drop your ads, make sure you have a game plan to drive the traffic to the ads, and your site.

Market Research is key to do before launching your e-commerce business.
  • site: Reddit (only brings up the keywords on that site)
    • See what people are saying about what you are wanting to do. Seems like a lot want the same thing that isn’t out there? Make sure you have it!
  • Amazon
    • See your competitors
    • Reviews – look at the ones between 2 stars and 4 stars, they will be more honest.

Would using Social Media help drive traffic and be a good marketing tool? No, since they are ad focuses it has caused a lot of the organic drive to drop; Best used with paid ads.

Greg believes that LinkedIn is best for driving organic business to business traffic.

Wanting to eventually sell your e-commerce site?
  • Always use a broker if it is your first sale.
  • Tell your broker the honest truth, this allows them to be professionally honest with you, and if they know what you are lacking, they may find a potential purchaser who can fix it and it not be an issue to them.
Trademarks and Patents add immense value to your business; patents more so.
  • Prevents copycats
  • Great for defense
  • Licensing options

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Greg Elfrink:

  • Your business is worth the most when you work yourself out of it; it should be able to operate without you.
  • Shopify is a great e-commerce site for brick and mortar.
  • Amazon FBA is a great affiliate site to get involved with.

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