Jen Du Plessis: Lifestyle Coach!

Quick Show Notes

In this episode JP and Jen discuss:

  • Why being laser focused and intentional is so important
  • Priority Management
  • Make the lifestyle you want, and create a business that allows it to happen.
  • If you take the easy route, your life will be harder. If you take the harder route your life will be easier.
  • Have a great foundation so you are able to come up with a great exit strategy
  • Life and Business are not always a straight path, accept the twists and turns
  • Duplicate yourself within the business so that when you exit all your hard work can continue on.
  • Have a VERY clear massage
  • What happens when all the glass ceilings are shattered.

Key Takeaways:

  • *Most issues are in regards to not having enough time
  • Life of value adds value everywhere else
  • Priority Management is key
  • When people do not know how to do something they don’t want to do it, BREAK THAT HABIT!

Connect with Jen Du Plessis:

Phone: 703-864-4597
TEXT Strategy to 66866