Joe Sanok – Practice of the Practice

Quick Show Notes

In this episode JP and Joe discuss:

  • People pay for short-cuts

  • Spark Innovation

  • “Do not be paralyzed by perfection” – Joe Sanok

  • Brain gets more creative when you are slowed down

  • Ground yourself

  • Build confidence

  • Offer value

  • Speed and focus is essential in email courses

  • Automate your mornings as best you can

  • Procrastinate on Purpose

  • Worry about stuff when you get there, not a second earlier

Key Takeaways:

  • Slow down, you will be more creative
  • Take note as to when your best ideas come to mind
  • Podcasts help grow your business, shockingly enough!
  • Being Niesh is a great asset
  • See what your audience wants
  • Using your clients terminology