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In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Karen Abrams discuss:

“Upper Limit Problem” – Gay Hendrix

The Upper Limit problem gets in the way of your life, it limits you and you cannot get past it.

Karen helps you find what the Limits are and helps you heal from them

Theta Healing 

Brain waves are slowed down and you can access the subconscious mind

The process is simple, you go into a meditation and the Karen asks if she would be able to access your space; allowing you to be relaxed and figure out the subconscious mind

Theta brainwaves can also allow you to access the negative and insert a positive alternative

Opens you up and allows you to move forward

Subconscious is continuously absorbing, it inherited a lot from the family history as well, and your perspective may be different

Four (4) Levels to Address:
  1. Core – who you are
  2. Ancestors – Inherited, can even be trauma
  3. History- Society and past life
  4. Soul – The deepest and the one Karen likes to adjust with you.

You can do a clean sweep based off of your level of acceptance

Create space and allow your self  to heal

You are always in control of the energy coming to you

Advertising plants seeds in your mind and build on it, have the awareness that this is something they do

When we have the awareness we can see the difference in what they are trying to portray – Example. Girl smiling, dancing with music shows and plants that this product makes you extremely joyous

You can always change and bring light into your life

Karen Abrams goal is to make everyone love and accept themselves

Through Theta Healing Karen is able to get your mind to a space where it starts to talk with your body, your perspective starts to change. It takes 4-7 days for the body to fully accept the change

Chinese Medicate believes that your emotions are tied to your organs; it physically takes time to adjust to the change

To bring love and compassion back to Karen’s life she made some time for her self every morning to meditate and exercise; she found it has made a huge difference in her life

Know that YOU MATTER. And that everything that has happened you you MATTERS.

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Karen Abrams:

  • You matter, your history matters, don’t let anyone or anything take that from you.
  • Upper Limit Problem
  • Your subconscious is always absorbing; be mindful of what you put on when you go to sleep

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