Liv Boeree – Science Communicator and Poker Champion

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode JP and Liv Boeree discuss:

  • COVID-19
  • Was this a Black Swan? There have been multiple predictions.
  • Leaders should now relies that there is a possibility of future risk
  • Other events that are happening:
    • Unfriendly AI
    • Synthetic Biology
  • Tale risks:
    • Climate Change
    • Nuclear War
  • Be aware of the projections
  • Do your research .
  • This is the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression
  • Boarders are now becoming more relevant
  • Possible changes as a consequence:
    • Communications
    • Harder to justify travel
    • Conferences may be a thing of the past, why spend 30k for a booth when you can do e-conferences.
    • People have seen the benefit of e-meetings
    • Employees will push to work from home more
  • Economy dies if people die, but people will also die if the economy
  • Is the stock market a good predictor?
  • Level of adoption of new systems and ways is high, even 91 year olds are on ZOOM!
  • When to favour intuition:
    • Life or death
    • Low steak stuff
    • Really really regular things
  • When not to favour intuition:
    • Major life or death
  • Your intuition will be bias
  • Businesses should take everything into consideration
  • Have your data
  • People will benefit from making predictions.
  • Make probability sexy!
  • Women should keep in mind
    • Never been a better time to be an entrepreneur
    • Be aware that people will go to you because you are a female, but don’t let that get you down, use it you your advantage
  • Keep in mind
    • Try a few different things before you settle
    • Set specific goals for yourself, set predictions
    • Think about what would achieve goodness in the world, be helpful and be valuable
    • Set yourself apart from the rest and people will want to help!
  • Navigate your own path
  • Use this time to decompress! Your normal life is all on hold, enjoy it!

Key Takeaways

  • Unique time right now, world is at a halt
  • So much you can learn right now
  • Do your research
  • Gather data
  • Do not always trust your intuition.

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