Richard Villasana – Forever Homes For Foster Kids

Quick Show Notes

In this episode JP and Richard Villasana discuss:

  • Get your word out
  • Your Social Media needs to be frequent and consistent
  • Provide tips and tricks every now and then
  • Website is your HUB
  • “If you collaborate all boats rise” -Richard Villasana
  • Currently people want to see images and videos, not text.
  • Do not be broad, stick to your message
  • Have the appropriate graphics
  • 40 Images for $40
  • Have the appropriate graphics
  • Outsource what you do not specialize in, allow them to get the best they deserve
  • Do not tell me what you do, tell me what you can do for me

Key Takeaways:

  • Take in Information
  • Savvy Society
  • Collaborate
  • Foster kids who are 18 get kicked out and have a high chance of getting into Sex Trafficking within 6 hours.
  • Embrace Social Media
  • Thoughtful Approach