Shane Fielder – The Innovative Samurai

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Shane Fielder discuss:

Aikido has taught Shane Fielder endless techniques that he is able to apply to his everyday work life and success.

A Typical Aikido Traning Session:
  • Hand to hand Combat
  • Katanas
  • Staff
  • Knife
What this teaches you mentally:
  • Humility, everyone was a student before they were a teacher.
  • Being humble goes a long way
  • The community no matter where you are traveling. The Dojos open their doors and help you navigate the cities.
Business Benefits:
  • Conflict Resolution. There are many techniques to get the same outcome. Consider them all.
  • Allows Shane to see things physically.
  • Gives you “Quiet Powers”; a sense of confidence in yourself.

Shane had started his own Coffee and Sandwich shop which catered and the market had greatly effected his business teaching him the following:

  • Ensure you do your due diligence
  • The recession made him completely pivot his career since the majority of his clientele were laid off.
  • Shane was aware that his small business wouldn’t able to withhold the 5 years Build Back, so he closed shop.

After the closure of his shop, he got into franchising. Looking at all franchises that were up here in Canada, Shane found with his hospitality background he would get into Tim Hortons.

How did Shane employ his Aikido learned Techniques into his business?
  1. Samari Innovation
    1. Work-Life Harmony
  2. Used Aikido  principals to help him coach
  3. “Narrow the focus, widen your gain”
Ways for people to Harmonize:
  • Balance is normally “Either, Or” for most clients; that needs to incrementally shift.
  • “This or That” does not allow for “How about both?”
  • Set expectation
  • Have some non-negotiable time set aside for family and yourself.

3 – 10 – 30; what needs to be done in 3 days to push the envelope forward? How about 10? Then 20 days after that at 30?

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Shane Fielder:

  • Shane Fielder is a 4th degree Black Belt in the Japanese martial art of Aikido.
  • Aikido is a changed technique that is from combat to life preservation and self-development.
  • Mind | Body | Spirit

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