Victoria Vives – Divine Sexuality

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Victoria Vives discuss:

Victoria Vives tells us why sexuality is so essential in everyone’s day to day lives. She even opens up about how business owners can use sex for success!

Don’t take no as an answer, make the required changes, and keep pushing forward.

Everything is possible if you put your mind to it

Victoria’s dreams came to fruition, yours can too!

It’s always hard to take the first step but once you are committed the universe helps out

Sexuality is the most powerful force and a basic need

Sex allows you to be free, to tap into your joyfulness and freedom it brings

No one wants to be stagnant; do something about it!

Tap into your sexual power

Females Sexuality
  • Considered “slutty” if they are sexual
  • Girls have it harder
  • Heal the trauma
  • Allows you to free yourself
  • Passion and desire without stopping
  • Removing blockages
  • Relationships prosper and allow for more joy

Healing relationships with our own body and body image; it is hard to accept yourself, but if you feel desired and pleasure you will learn to love yourself

Accept your beauty at any age, even if your in your 70’s, there is beauty there!

Live your dream

Tap into your divine sexuality

Have to go to the core, the primal nature, to help bring it back

Businesswomen have so much on their mind, and a lot of stress, that it distracts them from even wanting sex. BREAK THAT. Allow yourself to have the energy to put towards the intimacy part of your basic needs.

Schedule time for sex if you have to! just make sure to set the mood, put out some candles, music, oils… whenever woks to get you and your partner in the mood!

Foreplay shouldn’t be the same everything, keep changing things up!

Sex allows you to be freer, more creative; it fuels everything!

Doctors even recommend sex for people’s health.

Victoria states that it is recommended to have sex every day, but understands that it may be hard. If you cant have sex, allow yourself to have a moment with your partner, to connect.

Keep your flame alive!

Impact of business:
  • Charismatic
  • Attractive energy
  • Draws more clients in
  • Others want to engage because you are glowing and emitting a good energy

Take a break! Go to that state of ecstasy, and no it doesn’t have to be by orgasm, to  bring yourself back to that state of joyfulness

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Victoria Vives:

  • More love and nurturing
  • Consider what you are offering your clients, and honor yourself. Take pride!
  • Just have fun!
  • Sex is more important than one might think.
  • Where you are born and raised does not have to reflect who you are. Victoria grew up in “a ghetto-like” area and look at the success she has had

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