Andrew Bowyer – Innovation is a Mindset!

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Andrew Bowyer discuss:

Andrew is the founder of the Canadian Legal Innovation Forum

Data is as important as money is nowadays

  • Forging innovation
  • Entrepreneurial portfolio
  • They do not fear failure, the acceptance that everyone is not perfect, and every “failure” teaches a lesson
  • Like a bunch of windows throughout
  • Collating data
  • Analytics to the data gathered
  • Connecting, trading, and chat rooms

Change is a good thing, be flexible

ADB Insights Inc.
  • Blend of all Andrews Experience
  • Live events in regards to innovation in the legal sector
  • Canadian Legal Innovation Forum
    • Series of speakers
    • Panelists
  • Platforms to learn about what is going on, to network, and engage with the interruption
Now Andrew is seeking to help with the innovation of:
  • The estate sector
    • Everyone has an estate – everyone dies and pays taxes!
  • Corporate and boutique firms

Innovation does not have to mean technology – it could just be in the way of the service and delivery.

Professionals should be getting technology to do “boring” and repetitive work so they have time for fun work and advising clients!

There will always be a need for sophistication, advisors, and someone to help the business owner with measured risk.

Andrew feels as though people should be asking “why should we do things via technology” and “where do I add value?” This will help the business owner access the way it should be addressing marketing/everyday processes.

ADB Insights Inc. will be releasing Webinars shortly in 2021; some topics are:
  1. In house counsel
  2. Legal Project Management
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Estate
  5. Future of Law Firms

Bowyer mentioned that it was quite excited doing some webinars instead of all live events because people who may not travel/be able to afford the travel to the event can still part take. His audience has grown since people can tune in from anywhere geographically.

Survey Reports
  • Benchmark for people who are interested to see if they can gain from the webinar, if the business is passed that specific one and needs to go for the advanced one, or if it even applies to them to begin with!
Tip  and Trick

Innovation and mindset is everything

Technology is not an enabler, take a step back and see things through the consumer’s eyes

  • Empathize
  • What are the issues/concerns
  • how can YOU help and reassure

Take a look at your day-to-day processes, how/what technology can make this easier for you? What can alleviate time for you to focus on the consumer?

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Andrew Bowyer:

  • Technology is not an enabler
  • The mindset in accepting the new way of business is essential
  • Accept change, things are always going to be disrupted at some point, the better you accept and adapt the better you will come out the other end

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