Brent Kesler – Building Wealth with Your Debt!

A Little about Brent Kesler:

The Money Multiplier teaches how money really works with a 200-year-old concept. Instead of storing your paycheck at your local bank and letting the bankers lend out your money (and make a good living off it!), learn how you can become your own banker and how to be in control of your hard-earned dollars.

The Money Multiplier is strictly educational. You determine whether you want to act with the information we provide. Brent Kesler, the founder of The Money Multiplier, used this concept to pay $984,711 of third-party debt in 39 months without having to work any harder, change his cash flow, or take any additional risks. Brent will show you how to get all  the money back for all products and services you will ever buy for you and your family, for the rest of your life

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Brent Kesler discuss:

Building wealth from your own debts and expenses is possible without having to work any harder than you already are

Everyone, including yourself, has the power to be their own banker.

Brent added one step to his purchases which resulted in him being able to pay off over 900K of debt in 3 years and 3 months.

You don’t have to work harder to pay off your debt, you just have to be smart with where you are allocating your money.

Brent suggests using the following Machine:

Whole Life Insurance Policies in a Mutual Company that pays dividends.

Investopedia breaks down this method as follows:

  • Life insurance can be a useful financial tool for business owners or individuals with a higher net worth, as well as people who may not have accumulated as many assets.
  • It’s possible to purchase more than one life insurance policy to meet different financial needs, though this can mean submitting to multiple paramedical exams during underwriting.
  • Life insurance policies are not counted as part of an estate and are not taxed by the federal government, which may appeal to individuals who are hoping to minimize estate taxes.
  • A life insurance policy can be sold for its cash value or you can borrow against accumulated cash value during your lifetime.

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Brent Kesler:

  • It’s possible to build wealth from the debt you are currently in
  • If you feel like you are drowning in debt it isn’t too late
  • Being around like-minded people can really assist in helping you achieve your goals.

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