Brian LaBovick

A Little About Brian LaBovick:

Brian LaBovick is the CEO and Founder of LaBovick Law Group in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Numbers-wise they have 8 attorneys, 40 office staff, and offices in Florida and Massachusetts. Since 1991, the firm has won more than $400 Million for clients.

What most excites Brian these days is the ‘Safety 4 Life Foundation’ – his foundation focused on improving youth’s safety regarding the road, the internet, the police, and human trafficking. 

Brian also wrote a well-known book called ‘Not a Good Neighbor: A Lawyer’s Guide to Beating Big Insurance by Settling Your Own Auto Accident Case’

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Pete Martin discuss:

COVID has allowed Brian to focus more on the business side of things instead of what his next trial is

There is a New Lesson in the concept of the below, and they are so so important:

  • Brand
  • Vision
  • Core Values

Brain mentions how the brand has to be strong; you are not going to be marketing to everyone – everyone has a different taste.

“Brief Trails” is also something that Brian has been working on within the virtual courtrooms

  • Lead with your best points, and in terms that everyone can understand
  • These brief trails keep it to 3 days instead of over a week.

As a leader you want to ensure that you are having Staff Meetings:

  • Weekly tactical meetings
  • Quarterly off-site meetings 

Have some team exercises that are associated with the core values

Brian mentions that it is important to turn the behavior patterns into work patterns

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Brian LaBovick:

  • The only consistent thing is change
  • COVID has been great for so many corporations
  • Staff Meetings are important to have, but make sure there isn’t to many

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