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Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Dr. Eric Cole discuss:

Margins and Valuation are everything, revenue isn’t necessarily something to look at in regards to how successful that person is

Currently, people are able to hack other people and businesses fairly easily; Eric says these are the reasons why:
  • People are letting their guards down
  • Businesses have uploaded there servers to all be on the internet causing a lot less security
  • Fishing via email is easier than ever
    • “If your child has attended school in the last 5 days she/he may have come in contact with another student – click here to find out more!”
  • All of the security features have been there from the start, but people had to turn them on.
  • To avoid all the “zoombombing” that was happening they made those features mandatory instead of assuming the people using it would know to do so.
Dr. Eric Cole says the three things needed to make sure you can control your meeting are:
  1. Making sure everyone is registered
  2. Validate them
  3. Make sure that everyone is unmuted upon entry.
The damage that is possible for a business is as follows:
  • Theft of information
  • Breach of clients – causing your clients to lose trust which could be  fatal to a business
  • Someone could record the whole meeting and leak it
  • It is possible for the hacker to also gain complete control of your computer.

Since Dr. Eric Cole is a major player in cybersecurity he was supposed to be in Trial numerous times this year.

COVID-19 era Courtrooms
  • Bench judge available, but nothing requiring jurors.
  • Dr. Eric Cole has been able to testify over ZOOM
  • The court system is already backed up 1 whole year since they are postponing everything that requires jurors – they are going to have to find a way to adapt to the new way of having to do things.

If everything stays the way things are now everyone is going to have to find a way to keep the social aspect of things alive – even if just for mental health.

Staying in and doing everything at home can be hard on everyone, make sure to go out when you can and socialize within the bubble you’ve created.

Most people only look at the benefits of technology – for example, everyone was excited about “Alexa” until they realized that the device listened for two hours every day.

Dr. Eric Cole and JP talk about how people are more focused on how the governments watching them, but seem to give little regard to the Big Tech corporations and how this is an issue
  • The government will not notice you or even look at you until you bring attention to yourself by doing something illegal.
  • Big Tech watches everything so that they are able to Target Market to your digital persona. They bring in date from conversations you are having, things you are searching for, and direct ads to you in regards to that topic.
Secure Anchor
  1. Security Assessments
  2. Virtual Training – Chief Information Security Officer

If it is 100% secure it is 0% functional.  It is up to you to figure out if you think it is worth the exposure or not.

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Dr. Eric Cole:

  • Working from home is less Secure than working in the office.
  • With COVID-19 hitting as it did, overnight the world’s cybersecurity dropped in regards to business.
  • Society should be more worried about the Big Tech companies like Facebook and Instagram rather than the government watching their online activity.

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