Jack McAvoy – Talking With Your Inner Voice!

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Jack McAvoy discuss inner voice;

We have learned this year that our inner voice and that success is not about the time put into things, but the energy put into things. Putting out heart and soul into what we do.

Putting your heart into things means that you are doing things because you want to be doing that action, not because it’s an obligation.

You can reprogram the negative voice in your head, more of a “you got this”
  • Study what your inner voice is telling you;
  • Write out what you want it to be telling you – write it, not type it.
    • Write everything you want to feel good about, and write what you would like it to tell you.
      • “You can do this”
      • “You’re doing the best you can”
      • “It is enough”
        • It gives you positive energy to output into what you are doing

Writing things down creates a link into your brain, helps you memorize it, and makes it that much more powerful in your head.

JP shares a notebook with Jack from 1991; it was a journal his own father gifted to him from the university he went to.

Journaling will affect the inner voice that is talking with you and can help shape how things go your way in the future. It helps you map things out and creates accountability for yourself.



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