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A Little About Joe Burns:

Founder of the NextGen Millionaires™, Joe Burns doesn’t just help people increase their income, he trains innovators and industry disruptors to take command of the money in their life so they can better exert power in their decision-making, control in their pocketbooks, and leadership in their field. 

Simply put, he talks to money. The cool part? It talks back – and it has a lot to say.

Using the best practices of both the scientific and intuitive worlds, he puts shape around that message to provide simple, actionable steps that calm the chaos and give entrepreneurs back control over their relationship with money. On average, his clients more than double their monthly revenue and experience incredible personal breakthroughs.

As Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First, wrote: “Wealth is a game of emotion. Business success is a game of emotion. It all comes down to the stories we tell ourselves about what we’re doing.”

Joe’s here to change the conversation we’re having around money so entrepreneurs can win their game.

His belief: You really are just one story away from success.

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Joe Burns discuss:

How the goal is to change how people think and interact with their money

Joe mentions how the majority of people’s relationship with money is dysfunctional.

What were the reasons Joe says he was unsuccessful?
  • Was questioning if he was broken
  • Noted that as he improved his relationship with himself the money ended up following.
  • Joe found a greater relationship with himself and noted that he was wealthier in the process.

People generally do not think of their money unless they require something from it They never check in and see how it is doing.

Joe recommends to his client that they withdraw cash and carry some on them. Having it as a physical asset. Create a persona for your money and check in with a pen and paper, and reflect.

When you carry cash on you, you have the possibility to change someone else’s day. Joe goes to tell JP about a man he helped out in an airport one day, and how he was grateful to have the cash on hand.

Mindset is everything, as Joe had started to interact with the personified cash he had, he noted that his relationship with it had changed.

In regards to cryptocurrency, Joe feels as though it creates a disassociated and note that they are currently very volatile.

JP asks what would be the best way to move forward and create that good relationship with money, Joe Burns suggests:
  • PAUSE.
    • Wait for that emotion to pass through you, wait till logic can step up.
  • Collect your thoughts
  • Ask your clarifying questions.

It is not a good thing to ever be defined by money, as soon as it is gone that person has lost their sense of self, their whole identity.

Joe mentions these three steps that could help you increase your income:
  • Figure out who you are
  • Characteristics
  • Emotions and relationships with money
  • Having boundaries
When is the right time to say “No”?
  • Most times
  • the only time you say yes is if it leads to your goals and passions
  • Passion allocations like charities

“Stagnant water does not create life”

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Joe Burns:

  • Change the way you interact with money
  • Having a good relationship with money brings more money into your life
  • Don’t tie your emotions to your money



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