Joe Evangelisti

A Little About Joe Evangelisti:

Brian LaBovick is the CEO and Founder of LaBovick Law Group in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Numbers-wise they have 8 attorneys, 40 office staff, and offices in Florida and Massachusetts. Since 1991, the firm has won more than $400 Million for clients.

What most excites Brian these days is the ‘Safety 4 Life Foundation’ – his foundation focused on improving youth’s safety regarding the road, the internet, the police, and human trafficking.

Brian also wrote a well-known book called ‘Not a Good Neighbor: A Lawyer’s Guide to Beating Big Insurance by Settling Your Own Auto Accident Case’

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Joe Evangelisti discuss:

Joe wants people to note if something is either an Opportunity or a Distraction

There are five (5) ways to victory that Joe had mentioned:

  1. Controlling the Clock
    • 168 hrs. each week
    • Work on the:
      • Mind
      • Body
      • Soul
  2. Mindset
    • Constant Battle
    • Rewire your negative thoughts to drive and motivate you
  3. Strategy
    • Pre-designed or un-designed destinations
  4. Having the correct Tools
    • Growth and Contributions
    • Have a good high-performance day with activities
    • We subconsciously like to keep busy
  5. Trifecta
    • Have to execute your plans
    • Know how to pivot and correct your course
    • Obstacles are a good thing – it means you are progress

Joe wants you to have a dream so big that you are magnetized to it – if it is that big you will draw in others that are like-minded

Create good accountability – this will help motivate and push you forward

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Joe Evangelisti:

  • Control the Clock
  • Have a good mindset
  • Implement a good strategy
  • Use the tools in your tool kit, and get better ones when needed
  • Have a dream so big you are magnetized to it

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