Josh Whiton – Reprograming Us

A Little About Josh Whiton:

Josh Whiton creates participatory movements that empower people worldwide to directly contribute to planetary repair.

At the age of 23, he founded a tech startup that got people out of cars and onto public transit, creating jobs while reducing fossil fuel emissions and the carbon footprint of millions. For his positive impact on people and the planet, Josh was named a Champion of Change by then-president Obama. Josh’s company was also named one of the most innovative companies in transportation by Fast Company before being acquired by the Ford Motor Company to form Ford Smart Mobility.

Josh also co-founded one of the first urban farms in the southeastern United States. Still in operation today, the urban farm helps thousands of people each year to participate in a more beautiful food system.

His latest planetary innovation is orchestrating a global, people-powered movement to regenerate the Earth —

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Josh Whiton discuss:

Most people are thought how to be a good employees when they are growing up. They are taught how to follow orders, be professional, and be punctual.

A lot of the time people do not realize that Entrepreneurship is an option as a career, or what it means to be an entrepreneur.

People see and view Risk differently

  1. Type 1  see it as
    • Being on their own
    • Not having that full security
  2. Type 2 see it as
    • Not having a say
    • No influence of control over the corporation and day to day operations

Josh Whiton strongly suggests starting working on a few ideas and see which one emerges. There will be one that keeps you up at night with excitement, one that gets you out of bed, and that’s how you know where your focus your energies.

Put something into motion and then leverage it

People may be willing to defer gratification a little bit

Josh Whiton states that it is a MYTH that you need investors as step 1.

What Level of Reality?

  • Society
  • Body
  • Psych

You are able to organize and reorganize yourself

Josh Whiton states that we as humans are highly reconfigurable and that the only true mistake is to not update based on feedback

Being strong and complete tasks throughout the day, even if just a workout, allows you to have a confident glow about yourself as the day progresses

There are many ways to feel

Josh mentions how it is shocking how little mind awareness is within the body

JP and Josh highly recommend the book Inner Engineering

Once you realize how special the Earth actually is, you will realize that it 

Josh Whiton’s tip and trick is that everyone can reconfigure themselves 

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Josh Whiton:

  • Entrepreneurs are wired differently than most individuals
  • You are able to reprogram yourself
  • People view risk differently

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