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A Little About Karin Conroy:

If you have lawyers in your audience who want to be more successful, you should talk to Karin Conroy. Karin is the Founder and Creative Director of Conroy Creative Counsel, an award-winning recognized leader that has cracked the code of smart, sophisticated, and strategic websites for law firms.

Her clients are proud of the way they look online and their firm reputation is improved because their online presence beautifully displays their experience and expertise.

Karin and her team’s goal is to enhance the success of the clients she works with through a proven online marketing process. She doesn‘t leave the success of her projects up to creative chance but uses proven systems that result in more reach and revenue through strategic branding and positioning.

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Karin Conroy discuss:

At the time of the Financial Collapse Karin, with her NBA and found that there were no positions available so she created her own corporation!

Lawyers when they are in school are not taught anything about business, it is something that they have to learn on their own.

When Karin is trying to bring on new clients she always makes sure to talk about the fact that she has an NBA, she does this for the following reasons:
  • Allows you to notice her on a peer level
  • This shows that she will be coming in strategically to assist you with your goals
    • The why
    • What’s the reason?
Understanding the firms positioning:
  • Knows your target audience
  • Know your messaging – specific for the area of your specialty
  • Work backward from there to create the website and online presence.
    • the guy reaction to what you are looking for
General Principals of a Home Page:
  • Make sure they feel like they are in the right place
  • Client-focused
  • Understanding the client’s problems and how you can solve them (without being specific)
Law Firm websites are generally to maintain and boost reputation
  • Not about the info on the website, but more testimonials, event appearances, noting what type of cases you’ve dealt with and how without telling them the specifics

There is a fine line between SEO Based and Content-Based websites

Karin states that there is so much more to just having a website, you need to be able to attract traffic and gain the client’s confidence 

Websites are:
  • First impression
  • Clients validation
  • Businesses messaging
  • Brand Experience
  • Design

Make sure you are where your clients will be; go to the local event, do the public speaking.

Borrow someones else’s audience in the field you are working on – go on their podcast, have them promote and publish your blog post, you will grow your following that way.

Karin noted that the clients she started to attract once she switched from price-based to strategy-based were astonishing, they were better to deal with, there were always fewer complications, and her business was finally able to start flourishing.

Have your clientele note the value you bring to the table

Pinterest is surprising a great platform for people to leverage their business on – It is a search engine which is why it is unlike all other social media tools

Being Present is something that Karin feels is still a good thing to be, traditional marketing has not died yet and it still has an impact

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Karin Conroy:

  • There is a lot more to creating a website than just having the face of one
  • Make sure you are in understanding of what the firms positioning is
  • Leap into the online content world, it pays off in leaps and bounds.



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