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A Little About Kelly Rippon:

Kelly Rippon started her consulting company, Authentic Change, Inc., in 2006 with the mission of “Changing the world one conversation at a time.”  She’s traveled extensively across Asia, Europe, and throughout the United States speaking to and interviewing hundreds of people about how the influences they met had shaped their perspectives.  Those conversations combined with her work as a college instructor, corporate trainer, and single mother of six incredible children, including her oldest son, Olympic medalist, Adam, prompted her to write, “PARENT UP” (Sourcebooks 2020) an empowering book about developing an effective leadership perspective while building resiliency, empathy, and optimism. 

While Kelly wrote her book through the eyes of a parent, but she adopts the concepts to meet the audience’s needs and notes that living each day as an effective leader elevates personal competency and can be a gateway to the next level of success.  She shares stories that offer a fresh outlook that link the reader to their positive influential power.  Kelly also offers actions and behaviors that increase credibility and grow positive habits while also helping us recognize the need to discard the negative influences that work against us. 

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Kelly Rippon discuss:

Kelly is an educator turned traveler who used to go around giving seminars on work/life integration

She had noted that in the Legal Industry there is a lot of ridge people, a lot of tight deadlines, and it really affects how the team operates. When this happens they really need to rely on non-verbal communications and body language.

Kelly mentions to not allow your staff to be “surprise attacks”, have a time or two a day where up connect with your team in a little “huddle”; this will allow you to keep your train of thought.

Schedule times with your staff to sit down and talk with them; this will elevate a lot of the pressures and stresses throughout the day.

Remove the verbal communication, have a bunch of non-verbal cues that the whole staff is aware of, Kelly states this will allow for more clarity.

There was a corporate shift that Kelly noted with COVID-19, they are as follows:
  • Short and simple
  • Concise
  • Efficient and to the point
  • No analogies, no examples, no side stories

Good leadership is good parenting; Good parenting is good leadership.

Good leaders will teach people how to be a leader instead of teaching them how to follow.

Kelly states that good leaders provide feedback in a “going forward” way.

For example, if someone is late all the time mention that this is not in character for them, ask if something is going on, and say something along the lines of

“Showing up at 9:10 every day really impacts the progress of the office since part of our meeting is missed, going forward if you could be on time it would be greatly appreciated.”

When you say “going forward” it gives off the impression of forgiveness to the employee

When asked about Habits, Kelly says:
  • Actions develops behavior
  • Behavior develops habit
  • Habit develops character

Corporations are really developing into the “Wellness” aspect of things and making it a great focus.

Walking Meetings
  • 20 minutes
  • Best ideas are found to come from these
  • No more than 3 staff
  • bring a recorder instead of pen and paper
  • brainstorm while all other sensories are being activated as well

Corporate Training has evolved from webinars to seminars, and now finally settling in on Zoom calls and the efficiency of it is tremendous

The Women’s Conference
  • Work-life integration
  • “Breaking Scrub”

Make sure to do something every day that helps activate all of your sensors, once all of your senses are activated it allows you not to worry.

Smile File, is a great tool that Kelly mentions and uses herself to shift her mood into a positive one
  • Good memories
  • Celebrations
  • Even could play music while looking through them


Everything is temporary, so enjoy it.


Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Kelly Rippon:

  • People who used to rely on body language currently cannot anymore
  • Have set times for everything, don’t have surprises throughout the day
  • Since Kelly’s son is an Olympian, she was able to find out that there is a surprise resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine among the Olympic Athletes



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