Dr. Neel Chadha- Break a Sweat!

A Little About Dr. Neel Chadha:

Neel is a family physician currently practicing in Ottawa, Smiths Falls, and Perth Ontario. He is the co-teaching director of the family medicine inpatients service at the General Campus of the Ottawa Hospital and a staff physician at the Perley Rideau Veterans Health Centre. He also works at the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital. In his spare time, Neel is the owner of Lanark Lifestyles Retirement Residence in Perth Ontario. He has always been passionate about geriatric medicine, real estate, and business, and Lanark Lifestyles has allowed him to combine his passions. 

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Dr. Neel Chadha discuss:

Dr. Neel Chadha is a great physician who was able to bridge the gap between being a doctor and a great businessman as well.

How did Dr. Chadha become so successful?

Well, he feels as though there was some sort of natural trajectory and he focused on his task at hand. While being a physician, he found that his passion was within Elderly care and realized that was the point in his life where he was needing to take a risk. A risk that is now in fruition as Lanark Lifestyles 

Lanark Lifestyles:
  • During Dr. Neel Chadha’s residency, he noted that there were some flaws within the Retirement home industry and felt being a physician himself he would be able to do it better.
  • Found a mentor within a Pharmacist who has done similar projects
  • There was a piece of land out in Perth that the seller was sitting on for a legacy type transaction and after discussing Dr. Chadha’s vision they came to agreeable terms.
  • Faced some obstacles in regards to the zoning; some towns are nervous and against what could be built on a piece of vacant land
  • Phase 1 pricing is ~$2,895 with add on “a-la-cart” options like medication administration and more.
  • Phase 2 pricing is for residents that need less assistance and starts around ~$1,995.
  • They have a whole floor for residents that require a lot more care with 24/7 personal support workers and other medical professionals.

People who go to work every day and receive a paycheque from their bosses have a form of comfort in their work; Entrepreneurs are not as fortunate.

How does Dr. Neel Chadhe balance all of being a physician and successful businessmen?
  • The ability to manage your time is a great skill for everyone to have
  • Scheduling things are essential to make the most out of your time
  • Being effective when you are awake and operating at your best
  • Develop new habits that will allow you to achieve your goals. The hardest part is creating the habit, once you have it created it is habitual to do.

JP, your host, makes a connection between the most successful people in the media and what Dr. Neel Chadha is doing. They all seem to preach about meditation – even if just for 5 minutes a day and about how much exercise does for them.

Dr. Neel Chadha would one day love to expand his way of operating retirements home all throughout the capital, and even eventually nationally. The elderly need the level of care that his business model allows for. 

Remote Medical Care:
  • We have a need to fulfill this within our society
  • There is a lot of medical appointments that could all be done virtually. IE – Bloodwork results, prescription refilling
  • But, there is also a lot that should still be done face to face
    • Body language speaks volumes, which they don’t get while just on the phone.
    • Manual palpitations from the doctor could help the patient with what is wrong, but over the phone that isn’t an option.

Remote Working, in general, is really affecting society’s mental health. Loneliness is at an all-time high, a lot of people rely on going into the office for their socializing.

Dr. Neel Chadha’s everyday things you can do for better health!
  • It is always unique to each individual
  • Rule of Thumb:
    • Be in nature
    • Some sort of exercise
    • Eating well
    • Balance and moderation. 

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Dr. Neel Chadha:

  • Everyone for their own mental health should try to break a sweat every day; whether it be at a gym, or any other form of exercise.
  • Focus on what you would like to do with your life, put your head down and grind till you’ve achieved it.
  • The rate of loneliness has increased with the Stay-At-Home and quarantine restrictions

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