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A Little About Paul Scheele:

Paul R. Scheele, a co-founder of Learning Strategies, has facilitated this realization in millions of lives. He guides people to achieve extraordinary results in relationships, work, money, and health. Paul is an expert on learning how to learn to tap the other 90% of your mind. He believes everyone has an inner genius just waiting to be awakened.

Paul is the developer of programs such as PhotoReadingNatural BrillianceGenius CodeAbundance for Life, the Paraliminals, and many other courses to stimulate personal and professional success. These programs allow people to go beyond what the logical mind believes possible.

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Paul Scheele discuss:

Paul Schelle has a doctorate in Transformational Leadership and Change; he enjoys working in human development and has a great interest in up-leveling people.

Paul had a career as a Hypnotherapist before he went to university ere he was able to learn how much the sub-conscious is actually able to withhold.
  • People can only access up to 10% of the resources that they contain within their own brain
Our eyes intake an insane amount of data each and every second, we can only consciously obtain a small fraction of it.
  • Think of all the sensory items you are trying to take in as you are walking by, or driving by.
    • What are you hearing? Smelling? What visually do you remember?

Paul feels as though people need to learn how to be more intuitive, listen to what their gut is saying because there is probably some sub-conscious reasoning to the intuition.

There are two types of people in the world:
  • Very good spellers, and bad spellers.
    • This comes down to different ways of being taught.
A sequence of Representations:
  • Visual
  • Audio
Paul Scheele outlines the following are the tiers to your consciousness:
  1. Reflective Consciousness – you are able to weigh both sides
  2. Primary Consciousness – sensory awareness
  3. Peripheral Consciousness – outside the center of attention, which you are only dimly aware of
  4. Squiggly line – your subconscious.

It’s best to have a growth mindset, once you are open to growth, you are open th learning and being aware of more

So often your host JP and Paul have heard business owners say that they are in their 11th hour and need help. Once they start relying on their intuition they end up turning the direction of the business around and are quite successful. 

The feeling of being Overwhelmed:
  • When you are overwhelmed you  experience narrowing of:
    • Attention
    • Thinking
    • Memory
    • Discussion
  • You enter tunnel vision
  • Have less access to your intuition
    • Freeze response
    • Fight or flight
    • Confusion
When you get the feeling of being overwhelmed, just breath.
  • Take a deep breath, let the shoulders drop. Realize you are in a safe place.
  • Check your emotions, make sure you feel as though you belong there
  • Manage your state, and be mindful, when you are, you have more access to the resources in your head.
When you are stressed about a situation, imagine yourself after the event, how it was successful, how you feel. Grasp that feeling. Now come back to your present self and recreate what had happened.
  • Doing this also allows your subconscious to be aware of what you are trying to achieve and allows it the grab onto those resources rather than the negative ones you were originally feeling.

Your conscious-mind sets the goal, but it is your subconscious mind that is the one that achieves it.

People build up this Immunity to change which makes them nervous and afraid to try something different. Try your best to not allow this to stop you from thriving.

Tip of the Day!

There is a genius within you. 

Work to overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed
  • Bring yourself back, you are safe, you belong
  • Make yourself mindful of the situation.

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Paul Scheele:

  • Your subconscious has a lot more knowledge in it than you may believe.
  • Your conscious mind is the goal setter, but your subconscious is the goal achiever!
  • Paraliminal Technology allows people to make the changes, with it seeming to be natural.

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