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A Little About Ronnie Deaver:

A Little About Ronnie Deaver:

Ronnie Deaver is the CEO of NoBull Marketing, a lawyer-exclusive marketing agency that specializes in generating leads and helping lawyers convert more potential clients into paid retainers with Google My Business, Google Ads, and Sales Training

In that capacity he created the first 100% guarantee in the industry, offering to pay back everything – even the advertising budget a client has spent – if he can’t make it profitable. That offer quadrupled the client base of NoBull Marketing in three months and it’s still going strong

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Ronnie Deaver discuss:

Ronnie had called in love with Lawyers and how they seem to want to support people at a poor moment in their life

He noted that there was a void for lawyers advertising and gaining attraction to clientele

Ronnie Deaver did the data tracking and noted that on 200 campaigns 60 – 80% of the call volume is attributed to Google My Business

Having Google ads is a better place to try and promote yourself because when people are on Facebook, for example, they are not there for your services – you have to convince them they are needed

If you go to Ronnie, you are hiring a professional to do the Grunt Work that you wouldn’t like doing for yourself. Its notes black magic, its not complicated, but it is tedious 

Add in hundreds of keywords, for ex:

 a drug crime lawyer is not just drug crime. It’s also marijuana, meth, Xanax, and cocaine..

Ronnie Deaver states that a significant and overlooked aspect of the ranking factor is the Google Reviews, they are critical.

Reviews don’t have to be from your direct client, it can also be anyone you gave legitimate value to

All roads eventually go to Google My Business, and people will look at that profile before deciding to make contact for even just a consultation at first 

Ronnie Deaver explains to JP that you need to prove to Google that their clientele and users would be happy with where they are directing their traffic

Running a business is like running a marathon, it is not a sprint. Play the long game, especially with the upcoming recession.

You have to be able to run the business how you would like to run the business, you can not do it in a way that makes you miserable because then you won’t end up doing it and your business will die

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Ronnie Deaver:

  • Google My Business is a great tool
  • Being a remote traveling worker is an excellent attribute
  • Make sure you put time into your Google Business account, Google rewards those that do

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