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A Little About Tammy Wise:

Tammy Wise is a widely respected mind-body fitness expert, owner of BodyLogos, Inc., and author of the newly published book and 3D video learning system, The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind. A former Broadway dancer turned Tao minister, Tammy teaches a Tao-based holistic strength training method that unites principles from both Eastern and Western philosophies. Through her work and private practice in New York City, she teaches alignment as a way to relieve tension and build strength.

Voted the Best of Fitness by Time Out New York (twice!), Tammy has been widely featured in the media. Her work has appeared in Martha Stewart’s Whole Living and Body+Soul magazines, New York MagazineNatural Health, Shape, Thrive Global, Longevity, Dance Spirit magazine, Mind Body Spirit Fitness. The Art of Strength book was a Transformational Authors Contest Winner, hand-selected for publication by Balboa Press, an adjunct of Hay House. She’s also a regular contributor to Honeysuckle magazine and writes regularly on Medium. (Visit the media page.)

After the launch of her video/DVD series, The Tao of Strength Training, she expanded on her spiritual fitness training and practice into the beauty world with a holistic apothecary called WISEBEAUTY™ – Active Beauty, bringing together sustainable, chemical-free, organic beauty products for the body and traditional Tao meditations for the mind, transforming daily beauty regimens into rituals.

In her new book and 3D-video learning system,The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body ~ Train the Mind, she shares her message that enduring misalignment in mind and body is surviving, not thriving; and when you change your posture, you change your life

Quick-Show Notes:

In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP and Tammy Wise discuss:

Knowing and being aware of your body and how you are postured can greatly impact how your mind is operating, and your mood.

Tammy talks with JP about the impact of Gravity, and what else it means:
  • Gravity could feel like a burden of weight, this will make the person collapse into themselves
  • You want to make sure that you are allowing your strength to flow and open you up creating better posture
Beginning steps for good alignment behind you’re desk:
  • Grounded in your seat, seating on your seat bones
  • Elevated through your head, jawline pulled back to ensure your neck and head is pulled to yu sky like a flower to the sun, and hang your elbows from your shoulder blades

It is a great idea to start focusing on your tension patterns and start implementing ways to elevate them

Having good posture affects plenty of things, from your emotion and health. Tammy suggests the following for good posture and alignment:
  • The top of your head, where the soft spot on a baby is, faces the sky
  • The middle of your chest falls direct below that
  • Your center of gravity is what follows, at three fingers below your belly button
  • then finally your feet!

The majority of the people that Tammy works with do not hold their hips forward enough, you want to push those forward just enough to engage your buttock muscles.

Every single time you go to stand up, make sure you are standing, aligning with your self and having your buttocks engage before taking your first step.

Tammy suggests that the next time you go and have a nice warm shower you stretch out your calves and the bottom of your feet.

The bottom of your feet contains something called the “Gushing Spring”.

“Gushing Spring” is believed o be the spot where you bring the energy into your body.

It is mentioned to start allocating your focus as 80% on the task at hand, and 20% on your body and what it is telling you that current moment. 

  • Acupuncturists use these
  • Same for everybody, it is universal
  • Uses the Five Element Theory
The Five Element Theory: 
  1. Fire
    • Heart and small intestine, joy
  2. Earth
    • Stomach and spleen, fear
  3. Metal
    • Lungs and large intestine, sadness
  4. Water; and
    • Kidney and Bladder, fear
  5. Wood,
    • Liver and gallbladder, anger

Tammy states that you should learn your body and what it is saying, this allows you to stand with power

Your body is its own therapist, it knows what it needs and what it doesn’t need. It tells you and hopes you acknowledge and make the amendments.

Key Takeaways

From this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Tammy Wise:

  • When people are exercising they should try and focus on how much weight they can lift without compromising their Skeletal System
  • How people hold their posture can impact a great number of things, including your emotions and health
  • The Five-Element Theory is of great value and when Tammy points out how you could use it to address concerns you may be having.

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